Meeting One Cancer - Comparative Oncology Symposium

Exploring Interdisciplinary Connections in One Health: A Pioneering Approach to Veterinary Medicine

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Lusófona University is presenting the first meeting on comparative oncology, as part of One Health.


09h00 - Opening Session

  • Laurentina Pedroso, Lecturer at Lusófona University

09h15 - Project | Unique health approach to animal cancer

  • Maria dos Anjos Pires, UTAD

09h45 - Comparative Pathology: The role of Onehealth

  • Pedro Ruivo, UC Davis

10h30 - Coffee-Break

10h45 - Veterinary Cancer Registry - The VetOnconet experience

  • Katia Pinello, ICBAS

11h15 - Comparative molecular aspects of feline breast cancer

  • Fernando Ferreira, University of Lisbon

11h45 - Comparative clinical aspects of feline mammary cancer

  • Gonçalo Petrucci, EUVG

12h15 - Round table with morning speakers

12h20 - Lunch

14h00 - Keynote - Comparative oncology: Current situation

  • Chand Kana, USA

14h45 - Canine lymphoma: comparative aspects

  • Joaquim Henriques, Lecturer at Lusófona University

15h15 - Osteosarcoma and melanoma in the dog: comparative aspects

  • Hugo Gregório, Anicura CHV

15h45 - Coffee Break

16h00 - Microbioma and cancer: comparative aspects

16h30 - Comparative radiomics in glioma

  • Ricardo Faustino, CVP - IPLUSO

17h00 - Round table with afternoon keynotes

17h45 - Closing session

  • Joaquim Henriques, Lecturer at Lusófona University




Date and Hour

Friday, June 28, 2024
09:00 - 18:00






Centro Universitário Lisboa - Auditório Agostinho da Silva


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