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    The Marketing for Fashion curricular unit deals with the understanding of the role of marketing in a fashion company, including the presentation of general concepts about marketing strategy, market mix, consumer journey, decision process, branding, and contemporary topics such as sustainability in fashion and brand activism.

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  • Syllabus


    The course is divided into six main topics. Each topic consists of two classes. In the first, a more theoretical approach is presented, with examples from the fashion industry. The second has a more practical focus. For each topic, students should develop an activity related to the topic, in pairs. These activities account for 40% of the final grade, and they must be done during the time of the classes, under the supervision of teachers and must be delivered at the final class for each topic (dates are shown in this program). 


    1. Marketing in a fashion company

    2. Consumer behavior and consumer journey

    3. Market Segmentation, Positioning and Persona

    4. Marketing mix 1: Product and Price

    5. Marketing mix 2: Price and Promotion

    6. Sustainability in Fashion and Brand Activism

  • Objectives


    It is expected that at the end of this curricular unit the student will have the necessary skills to understand the potential of Marketing as a strategy in the context of the fashion market, knowing how to diagnose the brand strategy of fashion companies, and critically analyze the possible paths that fashion brands can follow in the market

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Presentation of real cases from the fashion market, reflection exercises and proposals about the presented concepts. Creation of plans and suggestions for Marketing actions for fashion brands.

  • References


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