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    The Fashion Portfolio Curricular Unit has a practical nature and aims to awaken, in students, aesthetic sensitivity to the creation of supports that present and communicate their work. The Portfolio must be able to communicate the concepts, stories, brand trends, illustrations, clothing collections, editorials, in short, all types of work that students have been carrying out throughout their career. It is a curricular unit that awakens the ability to work, research and, consequently, the development of the image to be communicated by students.

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  • Syllabus


    1. Introduction to the different portfolio types and their functions.

    2. The technical and functional characteristics of the different types of portfolio.

    Analysis of different types of portfolio considering their formats, types of work, characteristics, functions and target audience.

    3. Characteristics, requirements and techniques for creating a printed, digital and online portfolio.

    Analysis of sample portfolios.

    4. Practical exercises.

    5. Selection of jobs and execution of the personal portfolio

    Practical individual project, in tutoring: the student's works will be analysed during the course and the most appropriate ones will be selected according to the objectives. Construction of the personal portfolio: printed and online.

  • Objectives


    1. Know different types and formats of portfolio.

    2. Relate the different types of portfolio to their functions.

    3. Identify the techniques and requirements for a printed, digital and online portfolio.

    4. Enable the student to select jobs and prepare their personal portfolio.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Various important aspects of Fashion Portefolio will be focussed on through visual and exemplary presentations. The work proposed for assessment will be carried out in the classroom and monitored by the teacher, but should include some time for autonomous work.

    The type of work is essentially practical, involving research, planning, organisation and execution.

    Student-centred teaching and learning by doing are encouraged, with the teacher facilitating learning.

  • References


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