Class Questões Aprofundadas da Abordagem Transdiagnóstica da Psicopatologia

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    This is a fundamental UC for understanding emotional disorders and for preparing clinical intervention protocols in accordance with the new developments of the cognitive-behavioral paradigm of clinical intervention, complete, therefore, in line with the scope of this study cycle and being a Base UC for the development and scientific advancement in this area of ¿¿knowledge.

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  • Syllabus


    S1: Categorical perspective of psychopathology and its properties

    S2: Transdiagnostic perspective of disorders and their empirical foundations:

    a.. Dimensional perspective of psychopathology: the HiTOP approach

    b. Latent structures, vulnerability factors and common to several common disturbances

    c. Neurobiological systems and dimensional models of psychopathology

    S3: Unified protocol for the transdiagnosis of disorders and data processing

    case formulation; intervention):

    a. Protocol for adults.

    b. Protocol for teenagers.

    c. Protocol for children.

    CP4: Online clinical assessment and treatment protocols that adopt a transdiagnostic perspective.

    CP5: Clinical decision making and multidimensional responsiveness

  • Objectives


    Learning outcomes (LO)

    Its expected that individually, in group, in writing and orally, students are able to:

    LO1: Critically evaluate the categorical perspective of psychopathology.

    LO2: Integrate the transdiagnostic approach into a functional and dimensional perspective of emotional disorders

    within the knowledge about latent structure processes and their neurobiological basis.

    LO3: Discuss the implications of the transdiagnostic approach in the understanding of emotional disorders and

    emotion-driven behavior.

    LO4: Deliver intervention protocol for the transdiagnostic treatment of emotional disorders.

    LO5: Analyze online-protocols for the assessment and intervention in transdiagnostic factors.

    LO6: Discuss clinical decision making.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    The methodologies adopted aim to consistently achieve the LO, which is why they favor interaction and questioning methodologies in the classroom.

  • References


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