Class Final Project

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    This class is intended to support the student in the development of an individual project. It fosters them to develop the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the course, considering their personal interests. The student is expected to deepen their understanding of the concepts, techniques, practices and methodologies of academic/ scientific research.

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  • Syllabus


    C1. Investigation

    • Selection and organization of theoretical and practical references 
    •  Case studies
    •  Problematization: contents, methods and perspectives

    C2. Planning 

    • Goal definition
    •  Method definition
    •  Milestone scheduling 

    C3. Concretization

    • Practical component:
      • Iterative development
      • Personal tests & user-studies
      • Refinement 
    • Theoretical component 
      • Characteristics of an abstract
      • Characteristics of an introduction
      •  State of the art description
      •  Report of the practical work
      •  Text structuring 
      •  Discussion of results
  • Objectives


    O1. To develop original academic projects, furthering the study of subjects related to the course.

    O2. To develop conceptual skills while articulating theoretical investigations, technical developments and creative processes.

    O3. To develop skills for relating the contents of diverse curricular units. 

    O4. To develop autonomy in research & learning, regarding both the theoretical and practical work,

    O5. To acquire academic writing skills, considering text structure, contextualization, depth, clarity and argument.

  • References


    • Grierson, Elizabeth & Brearley, Laura (2009). Creative Arts Research: Narratives of Methodologies and Practices, SENSE PUBLISHERS.
    • Kothari, C. R. (2004). Research Methodology: methods and techniques, New Age International Publishers.
    • Salkind, N. J. (2010). Literature review Encyclopedia of Research Design. Thousand Oaks, California.


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