ULusófona Coordinates Aqua Synapse Project Meeting

Study in depth the potential positive health effects of deuterium-poor water.

17.03.23 - 11h45

On the 28th of January, the Kick-off meeting of the Aqua Synapse project took place in Brussels – a project funded by the European Executive Research Agency of the European Commission, and coordinated by Professor Svitlana Lyubchyk from Universidade Lusófona.

The Aqua Synapse project is a project that aims to study in depth the potential positive effects for the health of deuterium-poor water. For example, it is known that the isotope content of water drinking water shows effects on the pathogenesis of cancer, and it is hypothesized that the reduction of heavy isotopes in drinking water (in this case deuterium) can have positive biological effects on human health by reducing susceptibility to many diseases. The Aqua Synapse project aims to verify this hypothesis and develop mechanisms for measuring the benefits of poor water in deuterium on health.

This project has the participation of several partners (researchers and companies) international experts who were present at the meeting, namely: from the University of Oxford (England); University of Würzburg (Germany); John Institute of Molecular Medicine Lobo Antunes (Portugal); HYDLLC for Cancer Research and Development Medicines (Hungary); Neuroplast (Netherlands).

The meeting discussed various conditions inherent to the partnership between organizations and also future networking events necessary for the continuation of the project. this meeting it was also important especially for the coordination of the partners and the tasks to be carried out by each of these to reach the important milestones in the field of investigation, as well as to discuss the future steps to be taken in the project.


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