School Personal Accident Insurance


According to Dispatch 185/MEC/86, COFAC - the founding entity of Universidade Lusófona has a School Personal Accident Insurance for all students. The amount of insurance is paid upon enrollment and is valid for the academic year in which the student enrolls. Only students who are duly enrolled are covered by the Insurance.

Physical Education students are insured by the AGEAS policy no. 0023.10.013846 and the guaranteed capital, per student, are as follows:

  • Treatment Expenses - €7,500.00

  • Permanent disability - €37,500.00

  • Student civil liability - €25,000.00

  • Funeral expenses - €7,500.00

  • Death - €37,500.00

The students of the other courses are insured by the policy of AGEAS n.º 0023.10.013848 and the guaranteed capital, per student, are as follows:

  • Treatment Expenses - €2,500.00

  • Permanent disability - €12,500.00

  • Student civil liability - €25,000.00

  • Funeral Expenses - €2,500.00

  • Death - €12,500.00

In the event of an accident, you should go to a clinical provider (in Lisbon: Centro Clínico de Lisboa do SBSI/SAMS, Rua Fialho de Almeida, n.º 21, 1070-128 Lisboa Tel.: 213 811 800) belonging to the Insurer's network and present the number of the insurance policy. It is the student's responsibility to make the reporting the claim, within 3 days, to SIGA | Integrated Student Management service or via email, attaching all relevant documents.

ATTENTION: original documents must be delivered.

Within the scope of coverage, all school activities carried out by students are insured:

  1. On the University premises during school or work hours, free time included in the respective school hours and activities of a school, circum-school, sporting or social nature organized or authorized by the University;

  2. Outside the University facilities: on excursions, outdoor classes, practical classes, internships linked to school activity (curricular), study visits in national territory and other circum-school, sports or socializing initiatives, provided they are promoted by the University or with its contribution;

  3. Accidents that occur during the normal and direct route to or from the residence and the University or the places provided for in the previous paragraph are also included in the scope of the school activity, excluding the stay of students in any route location.

Exclusions: in addition to those described in the Policy Conditions, we emphasize that accidents with 2-wheel vehicles are not covered; accidents due to the action of the insured person in a state of drunkenness or use of psychopharmaceuticals, narcotics, hallucinogens and the like not prescribed by a doctor; accidents related to hernias, whatever their nature.

This information does not exempt you from reading the General Policy Conditions.

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