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Teachers and Researchers Assessment Process


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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the evaluation period?
The evaluation period corresponds to the academic years 2017/2018 to 2019/2020. For the purposes of the assessment, it is considered that the academic year starts on September 1st and ends on August 31st. All activities carried out outside this period are not relevant to the assessment.

Who is assessed?
All professors and researchers who currently have an active link with ULHT.

What should I fill in the assessment contents?
In each of the indicators, the evaluated person must list and describe the activities that he/she developed during the evaluation period, at the ULHT and in other educational institutions. The limit for completion is 4000 characters, so if this proves to be insufficient, you should summarize the text and attach an attachment with additional detail.

What are attachments to the assessment content for?
You can, if you wish, attach documentary support that corroborates and/or details the activities identified in each of the indicators.

What other attachments should I add?
In the annexes section, you must attach your Curriculum Vitae, copies of the Diplomas in all the degrees you have obtained, Recognition of a foreign diploma in Portugal, when applicable, and the Certificate of Pedagogical Competences (formerly CAP).

What rules should I follow? guir to attach files?
The attachments you wish to attach must always be in pdf format, each file must be less than 1 MB and the file names must not include Portuguese or special characters (eg: ã, ç, @ and the like).

What are notes for?
In the remarks section, please indicate your ORCID iD and ID SCIENCE. You can also add notes that you consider relevant for the evaluation.

I submitted an incomplete or incorrect report, how can I change it?
You should only submit your report for evaluation when you have completed filling in all the indicators. Once submitted, the contents can no longer be changed by the appraised. If you have already submitted your report and wish to change it, please send an email to avadoc@ulusofona.pt, indicating your teacher number, name and Organic Unit, requesting that your process be reopened. Reopening is only possible until November 5, 2020.

How can I get other questions clarified?
All questions related to the assessment platform should be sent by email to avadoc@ulusofona.pt, indicating your faculty number, name and Organic Unit , and will be answered in the same way.

Completing Guide

1. How to access the Assessment platform

After reading the guide and FAQs proceed to the evaluation platform

Access the Platform

Figure 1 - Entry page avaDOC

2. Authentication

Authentication (see figure 2) is done using your username (eg p999) and corresponding password.

Figure 2 - Authentication

3. Evaluation Process

! Preliminary Note! You should only submit your evaluation when you have completed filling it in. After submission, the contents can no longer be changed by the appraised. If you want to change a report that has already been submitted, the frequently asked questions will help you find out how to proceed.

Your review process page is organized into several sections. The first section presents, graphically, the stages and dates of the process and the period elapsed in each of them, as well as the stage and status of the process (see figure 3).

Figure 3 - State of the evaluation process

3.1. Evaluation Contents

It is in this section that the evaluator lists and describes the activities that will be evaluated. The filling form is organized according to aspects under evaluation (see figure 4). Each of them aggregates a set of indicators, accessible through the OPEN/CLOSE PARTIAL EVALUATION options.

Figure 4 - Evaluation contents

In each of the indicators, the evaluated lists and describes the

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