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Micaela Fonseca

ProgramaM3: Online Masterclass, on the 19th, at 15:30 (lasting 1 hour) by Andreia Pinto de Sousa

  • Title: Empathy as a Means of Designing Experience

  • Summary: User research is crucial in interaction design. When designing an experience, including user feedback should not be limited to results obtained through questionnaires; a deeper understanding of their needs, motivations and expectations is needed. Going beyond assumptions and opinions, focusing on individual results, embracing the complexity of users and understanding their emotional spectrum is empathy. With this masterclass, we intend to raise awareness of the processes that foster empathic relationships in UX practice that will provide a solid basis for the design of interactive experiences.

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W1: Online Workshop, 19th, at 15:30 (lasting 1 hour) by Shivani Atul Mansukla

  • Title: An Introduction to Systematic Reviews

  • Summary: This workshop is dedicated to a brief introduction to systematic reviews. This will provide participants with general information about the purpose of literature reviews, the advantages and disadvantages of different types of reviews, and the steps in conducting a systematic literature review. Participants will understand the systematic process involved in carrying out the various stages of the systematic review from the construction of a suitable research question to the data extraction process, and will gain general knowledge about the software used to facilitate the conduct of certain processes.

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  • W4: In-person workshop, on the 27th, at 10:00 am (lasting 3 hours) by Ricardo Castanheira and Filipe Luz

    • Title: "Motion Capture: Studying Human Movement"

    • Limit: 10 people

    • Duration: 3h00

    • Local: MovLab (F.0.14)
    • Trainers:

      • Ricardo Cascalheira

      • Filipe Luz


Date and Hour

Monday, September 19, 2022 15:30
Tuesday, September 27, 2022 13:00


Comunidade Lusófona


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