Do I need to enroll/register? What is the difference and how to do it?


Enrollment is your registration as a student at the University. It is taken only once and is mandatory for all boarding students entering the University for the first time. Once the placement results have been released, you must register within 5 working days. If you fail to do so, you will lose your place. Once you have enrolled, you must proceed to register for the Curricular Units you wish to attend.

Enrollment is carried out in Candidate Portal. You must authenticate with the same username and password you used to apply.

You must register annually on the netPA platform to the curricular units (subjects) that you intend to attend in the next academic year.

Without registration for the curricular units, you cannot attend classes and other teaching activities, be evaluated in the disciplines and use the University's resources, such as access to the library, study rooms, computer resources and other structures of social and educational support.

Registration is carried out on netPA - Academic Portal every year.

After submitting the request, the system will request the introduction of the new password through the URL sent to the e-mail registered in the student record.

We recommend that you add the email to the list of trusted addresses, and check the spam directory for emails sent from the recovery address.

You can now register, using the netPA - Academic Services Portal, to the curricular units (subjects) of your course.

On Candidate Portal you must authenticate with the same username and password that you used to apply. In the application summary, choose the option – Enroll (see image).


Then you must access netPA and register.

Know how here.
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