How can I access payment data (MB. PayPal, Credit Card and MB Way)?


1 - Access the Payments option in the FINANCIAL SITUATION. area

pagamentos-01 2 - Select the item or items you want to pay for and click on Item(s) to Pay in the navigation menu at the footer.


3 - Choose one of the available payment methods and click Next in the footer navigation menu


Methods of payment:


  • Associate the subscribed mobile number and click Next in the navigation menu at the footer.mbway1
  •  Confirm the payment and authorization sent to MbWay. Only after this confirmation will the payment be completed. mbway2



  •  Click confirm in the footer navigation menupagamentos-06

You will be redirected to a PayPal payment page, outside the netPA environment, where you can safely enter your payment details and complete the payment.

  •  Confirm access to the external payment terminal


  • Log in to your Paypal account. pagamentos-08



Credit Card

  • Click confirm in the footer navigation menu



  • The chosen payment method redirects you to an external Electronic Payment Terminal, where you will enter the necessary data to make the payment. At the end of this process you will be automatically redirected to our portal.


  • Fill in all requested and mandatory data to successfully complete the transaction.


Note: The operation of the Electronic Payment Terminal is the exclusive responsibility of its supplier and all doubts or questions regarding the process that follows must be made to it. Payment for the item(s) is subject to confirmation by the provider of this service. If your request is refused, you should contact your bank or card issuer for further clarification.



Multibanco Reference

  • Click confirm in the footer navigation menu



  • If the payment method selection is not correct, you can return to the payment method selection menu, selecting the cancel option.


Note: A single payment reference will be generated for the selected items. The reference is valid for 48 hours after it is issued.
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