International Students

Graduation Selection Process

International Students

Selection Process for Graduation

There are two ways to join the International Student Regime for students coming from Brazil:

  • With ENEM
    Apply with ENEM

    The entire ENEM (from the last 5 years: 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022) in which candidates have obtained a classification equal to or greater than 95 points, on a scale of 0- 200.

    Consult the ENEM test equivalence table and the steps to convert your classification:

    Step by step so that the candidate can convert his classification:

    Access to 1st cycle courses (undergraduate) is carried out with the ENEM classification. The Portuguese classification scale works from 0-200 and the ENEM from 0-1000.

    For ranking purposes, the conversion of classifications is done by dividing the score obtained in the ENEM by 5 (five).

    Calculation of the application grade for students with a valid ENEM (conversion to a Portuguese grade scale):
    Final Grade=Sum of the various ENEM components * Weighting * 200/1000

    Application to the Integrated Master in Architecture

    Elements of the ENEM Test Classification Weighting Weighted Note
    LING 630 40% 252
    MAT 500 40% 200
    RED 960 20% 192
    Sum of weighted ratings 644
    Final Note 128.8

    Final Grade =(LING*40% + MAT*40% + RED*20%) * 200 / 1000 =(630*40% + 500*40% + 960*20%) * 200 / 1000 =128.8

    Grade: minimum final application: 95 points

  • The Lusófona University signed an agreement with INEP, which allows the University to access the ENEM taken by the candidates.
    The students with valid ENEM (Brazil) National High School Exam (Brazil) or who have taken the national entrance tests for holders of Portuguese secondary education are exempt from taking the internal tests.

  • If you have not taken the ENEM it is necessary to take an internal entrance test and in that case you should be guided by the Application and Testing Calendar, applicable to the academic year 2022/2023 and they should check in the course to which they intend to apply which entrance exams are required.

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