International Students

Graduation Selection Process

International Students

Selection Process for Graduation

There are two ways to join the International Student Regime for students coming from Brazil:

  • With ENEM
    Apply with ENEM

    The entire ENEM (from the last 5 years: 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022) in which candidates have obtained a classification equal to or greater than 95 points, on a scale of 0- 200.

    Consult the ENEM test equivalence table and the steps to convert your classification:

    Step by step so that the candidate can convert his classification:

    Access to 1st cycle courses (undergraduate) is carried out with the ENEM classification. The Portuguese classification scale works from 0-200 and the ENEM from 0-1000.

    For ranking purposes, the conversion of classifications is done by dividing the score obtained in the ENEM by 5 (five).

    Calculation of the application grade for students with a valid ENEM (conversion to a Portuguese grade scale):
    Final Grade=Sum of the various ENEM components * Weighting * 200/1000

    Application to the Integrated Master in Architecture

    Elements of the ENEM Test Classification Weighting Weighted Note
    LING 630 40% 252
    MAT 500 40% 200
    RED 960 20% 192
    Sum of weighted ratings 644
    Final Note 128.8

    Final Grade =(LING*40% + MAT*40% + RED*20%) * 200 / 1000 =(630*40% + 500*40% + 960*20%) * 200 / 1000 =128.8

    Grade: minimum final application: 95 points

    <li><p>The Lusófona University signed an agreement with <a href="" target="_blank">INEP</a>, which allows the University to access the ENEM taken by the candidates.<br/>The <strong>students with valid ENEM (Brazil) National High School Exam (Brazil)</strong> or who have taken the national entrance tests for holders of Portuguese secondary education <strong>are exempt from taking the internal tests.</strong></p></li> <li><p><strong>If you have not taken the ENEM</strong> it is necessary to take an internal entrance test and in that case you should be guided by the Application and Testing Calendar, applicable to the academic year 2022/2023 and they should check in the course to which they intend to apply which entrance exams are required.</p></li>

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