Class Communication Design I

  • Presentation


    Label and packaging.

    Understand the importance of packaging and a label as a communication and marketing support for a product. Color, typography, legibility, materials and finishes are fundamental for the effectiveness of information and function.

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  • Syllabus


    Label and packaging. Exercises with different products, for different targets and budgets.


  • Objectives


    - The importance of packaging and labeling as a communication support in the marketing of a product.

    - The importance of typography, image, color, graphic composition and materials

    to enhance the product, the brand and its communication with the consumer.

    - The importance of pregnancy (strong print, visual memory).

    - Knowledge of packaging production technique.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    A combination of expository and case study methodologies should be employed to ensure effective teaching and learning, including projects, books, and study visits. The Continuous Assessment process should consist of a minimum of two exercises that cover the following elements: 

    1. Each programmatic content should have exercises for practical application. 

    2. Practical projects that simulate real-world market scenarios. 

    3. Before each exercise, An initial briefing covering objectives, methods, timeline, and recommended bibliography should be given. 

    4. Each project should have at least one intermediate assessment and a final assessment with an oral presentation in class. 


    It should be noted that if a student's absences exceed 30% of the total teaching hours, they will fail the course (unless they have student worker status, are a highly competitive athlete, or have military status).

  • References


    Kirkpatrick, Janice. New Packaging Design. Laurence King 

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