Class Drawing II

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    This curricular unit is dedicated to the study and representation of the human figure, through the drawing of the anatomical study, expression and observation of the naked and clothed human body.

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  • Syllabus


    - Study the human figure (anatomy, canons and proportions)
    - Studies of different poses that reflect behavioral intentions
    - The human figure and the relationship with objects
    - exploration of geometric relationships, perception of positive and negative spaces
    - The relationship between clothing and anatomical structure
    - Morphological analysis of the head, hands and feet, proportions, relationships;
    - gestures of everyday life: work representation of everyday actions
    - The human figure as an observer in the external environment: visual drawing of streets and buildings projected in the Board plane, using projections in the Land and Horizon Plane, considering the height and position of the human figure (observer) in a conical perspective.

  • Objectives


    - Exercise the capacity of analysis, observation and representation of the human being;
    - Exercising the capacity for reflection by exploring the limits of drawing representations of the human being through the development of the conceptual;
    - Stimulate experimentation of graphic expression techniques to draw human figures.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Use of the 3D Anatomy Learning Application to carry out osteology and myology studies relevant to the understanding of Anatomical Drawing.

  • References


    BRIDGMAN, George B. (1920). Constructive Anatomy. Londres: Fifteen Shillings Net.

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    LOOMIS, Andrew (1892). Figure drawing for all it's worth. Londres: Chapman & Hall.




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