Class Design Technologies II

  • Presentation


    Design Technologies II course aims to address the challenges arising from the methodologies, devices, tools, and processes of graphic reproduction in its multiple aspects, based on the conception and development of graphic design and editorial design projects.

    It is a course idealized and structured so that students not only develop technical and computational skills in Communication Design but also exercise their critical and analytical thinking about printed graphic artefacts.

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  • Syllabus


    The UC is organized in two complementary nuclei. The first part of a more theoretical character and analysis of existing objects in the market, and the second focused on the development of practical projects in the context of printing workshops.

    1st part

    1. Graphic production flow - Analysis and understanding of the different stages of development of a graphic product. 

    2. Planning and definition of production plans - Planning the whole process.

    3. Artwork - Preparation of final documents appropriate to the type of printing and finishing of the project.

    4. Industrial and semi-industrial printing systems - Presentation of the most important printing systems and the various techniques that integrate them, through the study of cases. 

    5. Media and finishing - Case studies.

    6. Budgeting.

    2nd part

    1. Printing workshops - Practical classes and workshops where the fundamentals of the production process of an editorial graphic object will be put into practice.

    2. Study visits.

  • Objectives


    This curricular unit has as its main objective to provide students with the ability to find innovative and effective solutions for their projects, based on the analysis and decision of which tools and technologies are more efficient to meet certain requirements and challenges.

    At the end of the semester students should be able to:

    — Recognize different printing techniques.

    — Recognize and know how to control the various production stages.

    — Adapt the best technique to each project.

    — Produce and finalize files for production.

    — Master technical terms related to graphic production.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    In addition to the theoretical approach, which will introduce the basics of graphic production, there will be a focus on workshop learning, through various printing workshops (screen printing, stereographic) and study visits to industrial printing companies.

  • References


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