Class Data Communication and Newtorks

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    This corse aims at providing the basic concepts related to data communication networks, from its basic usage to planning, design and management of computer networks, both in resources and security roles, allowing a better understanding of the emerging potentials.

    Information and communication are two of the most important strategic areas for business success. Currently almost any medium to large-sized company in areas from banks and insurance companies to entertainment and health has an IT department where network and data communication professionals have a fundamental role.

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  • Syllabus


    1. Introduction
      1. Computer networks
      2. Protocols, interfaces and services
      3. Reference models: OSI and TCP/IP
      4. Regulation: Organisms and standards
    2. Physical Layer
      1. Meios de Transmissão e tecnologias
    3. Data Link Layer
      1. Basic notions
      2. Services to the network layer
      3. Flow control and error correction
    4. Media Access Control sublayer
      1. Channel allocation
        1. Static allocation and dynamic allocation
      2. Multiple access protocols
      3. IEEE 802 standards
    5. Network Layer
      1. Services to the transport layer
      2. Routing and congestion algorithms
      3. Internetworking
      4. IP protocol
      5. Subnetting
    6. Transport Layer
      1. Services to the application layer
      2. Transport protocol elements
      3. TCP and UDP protocols
    7. Aplication Layer
      1. DNS protocol
      2. SMTP protocol
      3. POP3 and IMAP protocols
      4. HTTP protocol
    8. Network security
      1. Criptography
      2. Symmetric-key and public-key encryption algorithms
  • Objectives


    Upon conclusion of this course the student should:

    • Understand the concepts, problems and solutions related to digital data transmission.

    • Understand and be able to develop simple local area network projects.

    • Recognize the different components in a computer network.

    • Understand the complexity of metropolitan and global networks.

    • Interpret and use technical documents related to integrated data communication networks.

  • References


    • Tanenbaum, Andrew S. - Computer Networks. 5th Edition. Prentice Hall, 2010. ISBN: 9789332518742.
    • Stallings, William - Data and Computer Communications. 6th Edition. Prentice Hall, 1999. ISBN: 9780130843708.


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