Class Anatomia Funcional

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    Functional Anatomy is a fundamental Curricular Unit in the training process of the 1st Cycle in Physical Education and Sport. Its program contents cover the structural and functional organization of the human body, with emphasis on the skeletal and muscular system. The grammar contents taught are crucial for understanding human movement, which is the basis for the work of subsequent Curricular Units, such as, for example, Morphophysiology I, Morphophysiology II, Exercise Physiology, Sports Biomechanics, Traumatology and Exercise, Athletics, Handball , Learning and Motor Adaptation, among others.

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  • Syllabus


    CP1. GENERAL CONCEPTS: general organization of the human body, anatomical position, planes and axes of movement

    CP2. OSTEOLOGY: axial and appendicular skeleton

    CP3. ARTHROLOGY: spine, chest, hips, lower and upper limbs

    CP4. MYOLOGY: trunk, limbs upper and lower limbs

    CP5. KINESIOLOGY: general bases of human movement

  • Objectives


    LO1- Acquire knowledge about specific terminology associated with the human body

    LO2- Acquire knowledge about the structure and function of the skeletal system

    LO3- Acquire knowledge about the structure and function of the muscular system

    LO4- Acquire knowledge about the specific nomenclature of human movement

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Different teaching methodologies (ME) will be used: Demonstration, experimentation and practical exercise (ME1), Resolution of practical cases (ME2), Problem-based learning (ME3), Video viewing and discussion (ME4), Small group activities (ME4; ME5), Feedback information provided by the teacher about the work developed (ME6)

  • References


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