Class Event Production and Internship

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    This UC focuses on two important areas for students who are finishing their study cycle. First, integration into the production team; second, to put its competence in favor of an object of that working group in the area of ¿¿audiovisual and multimedia. On the other hand, contact with professional structures in an internship model is important. These two skills, one born within the university, the other already in a professional model, allows the student to acquire a unique experience.
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  • Syllabus


    1. Methodology for preparing an audiovisual project;

    2. Organizational Structures;

    3. Strategic thinking;

    4. Audiences;

    5. Programming;

    6. Communication and Marketing Strategies;

    7. Production;

    8. Monitoring the development and production phases in the business and university space.

  • Objectives


    1. Knowledge acquired from experience;
    2. Knowledge of production and group work;
    3. Knowledge of the empirical processes in the audiovisual process.
    4. Skills to work in a team,
    5. Powers for the decision favorable to the project.
  • References


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