Class Structural Systems II

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    To understand the elements that make up a structure and its conditions, and the way they interact with the construction. Knowledge of structural elements, technical, perceptual, sensitive and expression aspects. Integration into the urban fabric of a plant, in order to understand and develop the orderly creativity of the architectural project. Learning the basics of construction and its interdependencies. The use of scales and their representation. Perception of basic legislation and its constraints for formal and spatial creativity.

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  • Syllabus


    1- Analysis of structures: trusses. Node method. Method of sections;
    2- Forces in beams and cables. Beams: loads and supports;
    3- Diagrams of shear forces and bending moments. Cables: determination of traction efforts;
    4- Distributed forces: moments of inertia;
    5- General design of the construction support structure. Pre-dimensioning of current reinforced concrete structures;

  • Objectives


    Students will have sufficient knowledge of the various elements that make up a structure to start conducting their studies and design concepts and have a sense of what they should use where they are used and how they are used, their advantages and disadvantages and have a sense of sustainability in all the concurrent steps of this type of construction.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Theoretical and practical aspects are very accentuated during the classes with the supervision of the Professor - Theoretical and practical explanation. Power Point and execution of regular work diversifying the way of perceiving the matter

  • References


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