Class Environmental Management and Sustainability

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    The UC offers to students a set of contents that allow the acquisition of knowledge and skills, practices and methods needed for the professional activities associated with the implementation of environmental management systems and auditing, integrating the principles of sustainability. It is intended the learning of knowledge about several sustainability tools, standards and regulations of environmental management systems, life cycle analysis, assessment of environmental aspects and impacts in the management of organizations.

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  • Syllabus


    1. Environmental Tools for Sustainable Development

    2. ISO 14001 standard, environmental certification and competitiveness

    3. Continuous improvement of organizations' environmental performance. The Deming / PDCA Cycle

    4. Implementation of an EMS in accordance with the principles of ISO 14001. Interconnection with other management systems

    5. Environmental Management Instruments: Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), Eco-Design, Ecolabel

    6. Context of the organization, leadership, planning, operationalization, performance evaluation

    7. Methodologies for identifying environmental aspects and impacts associated with activities, products and services

    8. Case study Analysis

  • Objectives


    Acquisition of fundamental concepts in Environmental Management, with a focus on Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and Sustainability, aplying the ISO 14001 Standards as the main tool. Information on other instruments of Environmental Management such as Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of Products, Eco-Design, Ecolabel. Domain of the Deming cycle (PDCA) that supports the principle of continuous improvement in organizations. Methodology for identifying environmental aspects and impacts and assessing significance. Interconnection with other quality, safety and business continuity management systems. Integration into the organization's business and economic management model.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Expository/interrogative method; development of works and challenges using bibliographic research and the internet; the individual/group works, case studies have the objective of applying and amplifying acquired knowledge, reflection and discussion.

    Use of active learning methodologies, namely: Case Study Analysis; Brainstorming; Role Play, Mentimeter, Flipped Learning, Mind Maps, Systemic Thinking, privileging the 4 C's of Education (Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity).

    Continuous assessment with attendance of students to a minimum of 2/3 of the classes, completion of worksheets and group work written and oral presentation, and debate. A frequency will be performed minimum grade 10(9,5). Works developed will have a weight of 60% in the evaluation and the frequency 40%.

    Written examination for unsuccessful students; minimum grade 10 (9.5).

  • References


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