Class Research Methodology: Data Analysis

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    With this UC it is intended that students know some techniques for collecting and interpreting quantitative and qualitative data related to the analysis of sports performance. In addition, it is intended that students identify and develop skills in decision-making on the methods and tests to be chosen in the context of sports training in Football.

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  • Syllabus


    1. Methods and tools of Quantitative Data Analysis.

    2. Methods and tools of Qualitative Data Analysis.

    3. Techniques and Instruments of analysis.

    4. Methods and tools of data analysis applied to youth and elite Soccer (introduction and development skills to VideoObserver, Social Networks, LongoMatch, among others).

  • Objectives


    This curricular unit aims to:

    1. Provide students with knowledge and skills in the collection and analysis of quantitative acquired through performance analysis software¿s (Social Networks, Hypernetworks, GPS, among others) and qualitative data (questionnaires, among others).

    2. Identify and develop competences in the decision-making of the methods and tests to be chosen in the scope of the Soccer training.

  • References


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