Class Audiovisuals, Communication and Media Production in Football

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    With this UC it is intended that students acquire in-depth knowledge about the functions of Audiovisuals, Communication and Media Production in Football.

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  • Syllabus


    1. The image in contexts of marketing and advertising based on the language of the media and Soccer.

    2. General concepts of abstraction and editing:

    2.1. Photography as communication base and personal marketing;

    2.2. Final Photography Editing - / E-Flyer / Platforms / Social Networks;

    2.3. Advertising and Marketing on audiovisual platforms is based on the advent of sports;

    2.4. From the briefing to the script- the elaboration of the video communication.

    3. Advertising and Marketing in audiovisual platforms based on advent of sports.

    4. Creation of small spots.

    5. The interdisciplinary relationship of Soccer and Social Communication.

  • Objectives


    This curricular unit aims to:

    1- Differentiate the sports social media.

    2- Establish rules of action and communication with the different communicational agents.

    3- Identify and distinguish the social impact of communication with sports agents and population.

    4- Introduce the processes of production and use of the image in the context of communicational production.

    5- Elaborate a set of strategies of use and edition of the graphic image for informative and advertising contents.

  • References


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