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    With this CU it is intended that students know several academic and sports domains of Football.

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  • Syllabus


    1. Expertise and Decision-Making in Soccer

    2. Selection and Development of Talents in Soccer

    3. Soccer and Social (dis)Equality

    4. The Professional Soccer in Portugal

    5. Soccer as a Health-Activity Promotion 

    6. The Soccer Coach - training context.

    7. The Soccer Coach as an integral part of different cultures.

    8. The national development of Soccer players.

    9. Digital media as promoters of Soccer.

    10. International Soccer: implementation and development in Brazil.

    11. The European Soccer Organization: current state and its evolution.

    12. The European Soccer Academies.

    13. Barça Innovation Hub.

    14. The impact of soccer activity on the athlete's cardiac system.

    Other topic adequate to the curricular unit would be possible to approach.

  • Objectives


    In this curricular unit we intend to give the students the contact with subjects related to sports training in Soccer, which will be presented by international and/or national specialists. We intend to promote the expertise in practical and theoretical competences for the students on Soccer training.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Seminar classes (TP: 35). In this curricular unit the transmission of information will be oral, where the discussion of the subjects, the interaction between students and the professors will be promoted, using elements and theoretical-practical strategies.

  • References


    Específica de cada seminário / Specific for each seminar.


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