Class Thesis I

  • Presentation


    It is the set of tasks and research work, coordinated by a designated supervisor, with a view to carrying out a final work that will be presented and defended in a public exam. - prior to the public test, and when the work is at an adequate stage for the preliminary assessment, a prior jury test will be carried out, under the regulatory terms.


  • Code


  • Syllabus


    The syllabus depends on the topics chosen for the development of the research work theme.

    The research topics are properly described and were defined according to curriculum content. Each research topic is coordinated by a qualified teacher. When justified, and ensured the quality of coordination, new research topics can be created.


  • Objectives


    The main objective is to support the research-related program that leads to the development of an original thesis, which after being presented in public examinations a doctoral degree. A thesis has to essentially follow the objectives stated in the Dublin descriptors relating to the PhD work.

    PhD students acquire and consolidate the capacity to systematically understand the field, mastering skills and using methods of research associated with Urban Planning as a scientific field. To do this the student has to acquire the know-how and ability to design, conduct and communicate original research project that contributes to extending the frontiers of knowledge and the technological, social or cultural progress in full respect of academic ethics.

    The degree of Doctor attests to the realization of an innovative and original contribution to the field of Urban Planning, a high cultural level, and the ability to independently conduct scientific work.


  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Dedicated support for each student, with the exploration of their research topics for the completion of their PhD. In addition to imparting knowledge about research practice, concepts and standards for carrying out research and communicating results, the specific issue to be developed by the student in the context of their research is addressed, motivating them to join ongoing research projects or helping them to take on the challenge of creating new projects.

  • References


    Depende da temática a abordar

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