Class Introduction to Strategies and Practices of Audiovisual Production

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    The students will students acquire a clear sense of the processes of preparation, shooting and post-production of a film. They will learn how they can be autonomous in their planning and production. The timings of each process, as well as the implications for each sector, costs and the overall schedule. Students will be able to identify the positions, the sectors which they belong to and the respective responsibilities in the human web that constitutes a film crew. They will have knowledge on financing and co-production, as well as distribution both through film festivals and in the commercial circuit. Students will learn the Smartmedia production software, and will be able to work with all the necessary documentation for the production of a film, namely, work maps, service sheets, budgets, financial assembly, schedules and different reports, concentrated in a production dossier.

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    The Producer's role, what is the posture and involvement in the stages of producing a film.

    Step by step, the stages of film production:

    Development of a project and what are the instruments of development,

    The script from the point of view of production (survey and planning).


    The budget (above and below the line) and financial assembly.

    The importance of casting and locations associated with aesthetic issues.

    Defining a team for shooting and post-production: different team roles and timings.

    Human, financial, chronological and means management.

    Using production software, namely smartmedia.

    Distribution, exhibition, dissemination phase: explore possibilities as possibilities (Theaters, TV, OTT, Festivals, etc.).

    Different types of financing and project applications.

    Co-production as a financing and dissemination instrument.

  • Objectives



    • Historical and conceptual perspective of film production: short films. • Understanding the phases and processes of pre-production, filming, and post-production of a film. • Autonomy in planning a film production from concept to screen. • Timetable and budget for each phase of a project. • Understanding the tasks and roles of each department. • Responsibilities and attitudes in coordinating the human web that makes up a film crew. • Understanding the tools for project development and financing: co-production, pre-sales, sponsorships, equity, etc. • Approach to distribution models: film festivals and the commercial circuit. • Knowledge of the documentation required for film production: survey, work map, call sheet, budget, financial assembly, schedules, and various reports. • Scales, contexts, and production modes and their relationship to the type of distribution.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Expository methodology used in classes, combined with discussions with students on various topics.

    Screening of films: deconstruction of the screened material. Theoretical and practical analysis of the envisaged examples and their implications.

    Development of collective and individual work.  Script analysis and creation of work maps. Shooting preparation exercises.

    Individual evaluation in a written test at the end of the semester - 50% and evaluation of group work based on the production dossier of the short film to be carried out across the semester (transversal Project) - 50%.

    In this UC the regime of absences is applied, which cannot exceed 25%.

  • References


    Erickson; Gunnar; Tulchin; Halloran; The Independent Film Producer´s Survival Guide, A business and legal sourcebook Honthaner,

    Eve Light (2010), The Complete Film Production Handbook, London: Focal Press

    Schreibman,Myrl (2011), The Indie Producers Handbook: Creative Producing from A to Z Random House Digital (e-book).



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