Class Morfofisiologia I

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    Morphophysiology I is a basic Curricular Unit in the process of training the 1st Cycle in Physical Education and Sport. The field of action of Morfofisioloiga I focuses on the organization and function of skeletal muscle and the respiratory and circulatory systems. The adjusted and combined functionality of these three systems makes it possible to practice successful sports.

    The syllabus taught in Morphophysiology I are essential for understanding the syllabus taught in other Curricular Units of the study cycle, namely, Morphophysiology II, Exercise Physiology, Sports Biomechanics, Traumatology and Exercise and Training Methodology.

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  • Syllabus


    PC1- Muscle Tissue: Types, functions and structure

    PC2- Mechanism of skeletal muscle contraction, motor unit and types of muscle fibers

    PC3- Circulatory System: structure and function of the heart muscle and arterial system

    PC4- Respiratory System: structure and function of the airways and lungs, ventilation, external and internal breathing

  • Objectives


    LO1- To acquire knowledge about the structure, organization and function of muscle tissue

    LO2- To acquire knowledge about the mechanism of skeletal muscle contraction

    LO3- To acquire knowledge about the structure and function of the circulatory system

    LO4- To acquire knowledge about the structure and function of the respiratory system

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Different teaching methodologies (ME) will be used: Demonstration, experimentation and practical exercise (ME1), Resolution of practical cases and problem-based learning (ME2), Viewing and discussion of documentaries/videos (ME3), Small group activities (ME4), Feedback information provided by the teacher about the work carried out (ME5).

  • References


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