Ana Raquel De Ponte Figueiras

Ana Raquel De Ponte Figueiras
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Ana Raquel De Ponte Figueiras


Ana Figueiras is a research scientist at CICANT and an Assistant Professor at Universidade Lusófona. She received her Ph.D. in Digital Media from Universidade Nova de Lisboa (UT Austin Program | Portugal) and also holds a degree in Communication Sciences and a Master's degree in New Media from the same institution. Her main research area is information visualization with a focus on visual forms of storytelling and on identifying the best techniques for incorporating narrative elements into visualization, as well as finding which elements are most effective. She is also interested in new methodologies for performance and experience evaluation in visualization. Ana is also a visiting assistant professor at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa and a colaborator at iNOVA Media Lab.


  • Mestrado integrado
    Novos Media e Práticas Web
  • Licenciatura
    Ciências da Comunicação
  • Doutoramento
    Digital Media


Book chapter

  • 2022, Information Visualization: Features and Challenges in the Production of Data Stories, Springer International Publishing
  • 2020, From infographics to postinfographics, Information Visualization in The Era of Innovative Journalism, 1, Routledge

Journal article

  • 2021-12, Evaluating Narrative in Geoportals for Territorial Public Policies, Cartographica

Conference paper

  • 2020-09, There and then
  • 2019-07-01, Once upon a Time in a Land Far Away
  • 2019-07, Once Upon a Time in a Land Far Away: Guidelines for Spatio-Temporal Narrative Visualization
  • 2018, A review of visualization assessment in terms of user performance and experience
  • 2015, Towards the Understanding of Interaction in Information Visualization
  • 2014, Narrative visualization: A case study of how to incorporate narrative elements in existing visualizations
  • 2014, How to tell stories using visualization
  • 2013, A typology for data visualization on the web

Thesis / Dissertation

  • 2016, PhD, How to tell stories using visualization: strategies towards narrative visualization
  • 2010, Master, Concepção e desenvolvimento do website da revista N


  • 2015, ReThinking Visualization, ReThinking Visualization intends to be a resource for anyone interested in information visualization. The project's main goal is to help to build a better understanding all the pieces that compose a visualization and to help to detect patterns in visualizations across different areas or disciplines. It is part of my research as a PhD student at Universidade Nova de Lisboa., https://rethinkingvis.com/


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