Benilde Mendes Dos Reis

Benilde Mendes Dos Reis


Benilde has always had an enormous fascination for Fashion. From an early age, she started to learn how to sew and design clothes, until she started her Bachelor's degree, going through the Master's degree until she finished her PhD in Fashion Design. She worked in the fashion industry as a patternmaking assistant, getting in touch with some of the most recognized fashion brands in the world. She was a researcher in several projects in the textile and clothing industry; she wrote the dissertation "Tailoring in contemporaneity: handmade tailoring and industrial tailoring" and the PhD thesis "Gender issues in genderless clothing: trend versus paradigm", among other scientific articles, chapters, opinion articles, etc. She is specialized in computer-aided patternmaking and 3D CAD/Digital Fashion. Her research areas: genderless clothing/gender issues in clothing, Digital Fashion (3D), Patternmaking, Fashion Communication, etc. Currently, she is a lecturer at ULHT, coordinating curricular units in Fashion Design, collaborating also in other courses in the area of Design. In parallel with teaching, she has a personal online project, The Worth of Fashion where she creates and writes content about fashion.


  • Ensino secundário
    Design, Cerâmica e Escultura
  • Licenciatura
    Design de Moda
  • Mestrado
    Design de Moda
  • Doutoramento
    Design de Moda (associação)


Tese / Dissertação

  • 2022, Mestrado, Moda Digital: Tecnologias para criação e escolha de vestuário
  • 2022, Mestrado, Alfaiataria Feminina na Atualidade: A Desconstrução do Clássico
  • 2021, Mestrado, Sexismo na Indústria da Moda
  • 2020, Doutoramento, Questões de Género no Vestuário Sem Género
  • 2013, Mestrado, Alfaiataria na contemporaneidade: alfaiataria artesanal e alfaiataria industrial, um estudo de caso

Capítulo de livro

  • 2023, Women's Tailoring in Contemporary Time: The Deconstruction of Classic
  • 2023, The Paradigm of Patternmaking Teaching - Draping as a Starting Point
  • 2023, Studying Genderless Fashion Design: Triangulation Method in Fashion Research
  • 2023, Gender Issues in Genderless Clothing: A Theoretical Framework in Fashion Interdisciplinary Research
  • 2023, Fashion Design - Sustainability and Technologies - The Carlos Gil Case
  • 2022, Functional Design of Tri-Laminated Wool Fabrics Improving Comfort Properties, Journal of Biomimetics, Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering , 57, Trans Tech Publications, Ltd.
  • 2021, Usability Attributes for Fashion Design of Functional Wool Leisurewear, 9
  • 2020, The relation of textile aesthetics with the development of genderless clothing
  • 2020, Digital Technology for Global Supply Chain in Fashion: A Contribution for Sustainability Development
  • 2020, Clothing for leisurewear with fashionable and functional wool fabrics


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