Elsa Estrela

Elsa Estrela


I hold the position of Assistant Professor in Education at Lusofona University, where I also serve as Director of the Master of Educational Administration and Regulation of Education. Additionally, I am Co-Chair of Public Policies and Governance in Education Research and Learning Community and co-chair of the Crithinknet - Portuguese Network on Critical Thinking. I performed several positions in CeiED, including membership in the Executive Committee, the Ethics Committee, and the Steering Committee. Furthermore, I am a part of the Scientific Commission of the Institute of Education and the Pedagogical Committee of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Education, and Administration. My research interests stem from my extensive experience as a Portuguese language and literature teacher in secondary school for over two decades. The concerns related to the differences between schools and teachers, including their pedagogical approaches, as well as the construction of the school curriculum, fueled my doctoral research, which entailed a longitudinal study of curriculum history in Portugal. My area of expertise revolves around curriculum policies, with a particular emphasis on the evolution of curriculum design over the years, including the latest modes of regulation and governance within the education sector. I have supervised one post-doctoral study, two doctoral theses, and four Master's dissertations that have all been completed, in addition to two post-doctoral studies, seven doctoral theses, and five Master's dissertations that are currently underway. I have also participated in eleven PhD panels and seven Master's panels during this period. In my latest project, WEENERS - Times of Change and Changing Times: A Study of the Relationship between curricular autonomy and Teacher Involvement and Well-being -, I am working with a team of two Master's students and two PhD researchers. As the Executive Director of CeiED (2019-2023), I was responsible for recruiting staff and researchers, training them in project and science management, and organizing research teams to answer external demands. I have also participated in three summer schools organized by CeiED and co-authored scientific articles with junior researchers. My role in the editions of journals, article revisions, and participation in scientific conference committees has been increasing. Recently, I was invited to Lusofona to revamp the study plan for teachers' training and introduce new academic disciplines based on interdisciplinarity and cooperative work for both students and teachers. As a part of this effort, a new transversal curriculum unit called Knowledge and Creativity for Innovation was created for all students. Between 2017 and 2020, I worked in a large community of 19 schools and their municipalities to develop methodological approaches to research and train teachers. I provided training to teachers in compulsory education and conducted over 17 workshops on topics such as democratic and inclusive education, curriculum management, and diversity and differentiation. Additionally, I have been invited to give keynote speeches at schools, universities, and webinars. In 2017-2018, I coordinated consulting work with two school clusters, and I also developed two consulting works related to curriculum autonomy and flexibility with a teacher training center which resulted in a publication in 2019. I have also served as an external expert for a school cluster that participated in the Pilot Project for Pedagogical Innovation between 2018-2020, and I continue to work as a consultant with the same school. I have participated in television commentary and analysis of the national teachers' strikes and demonstrations (January-April 2023) on six separate occasions. I participated in several projects, namely Remase (EXPL/CED- EDG/1130/2021) as Co-PI and Euridice (DIGITAL-2022-SKILLS-03-SPECIALISED-EDU) as PI.


  • Licenciatura
    Línguas e Literaturas Modernas, variante de Estudos Portugueses
  • Mestrado
    Mestrado em Educação, espec. Educação, Desenvolvimento e Políticas Educat.
  • Doutoramento
    Doutoramento em Educação
  • Outros
    Proposal Writing and Project Management for Hprozpn Europe Program
  • Outros
    Financial Administration & Auditing Preparation for E. C. funded Projects
  • Outros
    Diversificando os materiais pedagógicos com o H5P: da teoria à conceção
  • Outros
    Narrative CV
  • Outros
    Introduction to Research Impact


Artigo em revista

  • 2024, Towards a democratic curriculum: the narrative paradigm to achieve a state of viscosity, Curriculum Perspectives
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  • 2008, As Políticas Curriculares em Portugal (1995-2007). Agendas Globais e Reconfigurações Regionais e Nacionais, Revista Espaço do Currículo

Tese / Dissertação

  • 2015-07-24, Doutoramento, Alquimia do conhecimento: a construção do conhecimento curricular em Portugal (1970-2009)


  • 2022, Desenvolvimento profissional docente e inovação pedagógica na escola. Novas perspectivas para o trabalho docente, FERREIRA, KATIA; Estrela, Elsa

Capítulo de livro

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Edição de livro

  • 2009, 1, 1, Edições Universitárias Lusófonas


  • 2013, Materiais Interativos para Português L2 na Web 2.0

Artigo em conferência

  • 2022-09-16, Desconstrução e reconstrução da(s) identidade(s) docentes, XVI Congresso da SPCE, Educação e Cidades. Tempos, Espaços, Atores e Culturas
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Resumo em conferência

  • 2023-10-28, Teacher Agency: the role of teachers in the XXI Century’s Education, ATEE Winter Conference
  • 2023-10-28, Reconfiguration of the academic Profession: Processes of Change in the Practice of Higher Education Teachers, ". ATEE Winter Conference
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Poster em conferência

  • 2010-07-02, A Alquimia do Conhecimento. A Construção do Conhecimento Curricular em Portugal (1971-2009), I Encontro de Investigadores do Centro de Estudos e Intervenção em Educação e Formação


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