Maria José Brites

Maria José Brites


Maria José Brites is an Associate Professor at Lusófona University, Vice-President of the Centre for Research in Applied Communication, Culture, and New Technologies (CICANT - DOI 10.54499/UIDB/05260/2020), coordinator of MeLCi Lab - Media Literacy and Civic Cultures Lab, vice-coordinator of the Publics and Audiences section of the Portuguese Association for Communication (SOPCOM), and Vice-chair of the Audience and Reception Studies Section - ARS (ECREA). She is also the Principal Investigator of the research project Youth, News and Digital Citizenship - YouNDigital (PTDC/COM-OUT/0243/2021). She is coordinator of the Master's Degree in Media and Information Literacy and Digital Citizenship at Lusófona University. She was the PI of the project Social Media Resilience Toolkit - SMaRT-EU (co-financed by European Commission/LC-01563446) and Dici-Educa - Educational centres with digital and civic skills (co-financed by Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian/Academias do Conhecimento and Directorate-General for Reintegration and Prison Services) and Portuguese coordinator of the European Media In Action (MIA) project (LC-00644630; and the RadioActive Europe project (531245-LLP-1-2012-1-UK-KA3-KA3; In MIA coordinated a certified 50-hour training workshop for teachers (Media Education and Citizenship: How to Enhance the Use of Digital in Schools), which has so far been released in four editions. Highlights of RadioActive Europe (2013-14) include the creation of a legal online radio (RadioActive101), the coordination of workshops with young people and social workers, over 30 radio shows created by young participants (12-21 years old), and over 15 publications. While the Portuguese coordinator of RadioActive Europe, she was awarded the prize for Inclusion and Digital Citizenship for the good practices and implementation of the project. Maria José Brites was distinguished with the Research Prize (2017, 2020, 2023) and the Gold Medal of Academic Value (2019) by Lusófona University. Her research interests include youth, journalism and participation; audience and reception studies and news and civic literacy, participatory methodologies, civic cultures, and media resistance. She has widely researched, coordinated and published in these fields of study, including ten books, seven special issues, over 40 articles in peer-reviewed journals (e.g. International Journal of Communication, Journal of Youth Studies, Media, Culture & Society, Cultura y Educación/Culture and Education, International Journal of Inclusive Education, Participations: International Journal of Audience Research, Medijske studije/Media Studies, JOCAM, and Children & Society), and over 30 book chapters (e.g. Routledge, Springer, Palgrave), among other publications. She has worked as a journalist in Portugal (press card 3182). She is a certified trainer by the Ministry of Education, the Union of Portuguese Journalists, and the National Scientific-Pedagogical Council of Continuous Education, which supervises the training of teachers in Portugal. She has coordinated and delivered over 20 training courses and workshops on journalism, media education, digital citizenship and participation, and media practices, successfully training teachers and other educators, young people and journalists. Main research areas: Youth, journalism and media, Audience studies, Critical literacies, Digital citizenship, Participatory research, Media and ageing studies.


  • Mestrado
    Communication sciences - Journalism and media studies
  • Doutoramento
    Communication Sciences - Journalism and media studies
  • Licenciatura
    Estudos Especializados em Jornalismo Internacional / Specialised Studies in International Journalism
  • Outros
    Audiences: A Cross-generational Dialogue
  • Curso médio
    Metodologias de Investigação nos estudos dos media e do Jornalismo / Research Methodologies in Media and Journalism Studies
  • Curso médio
    The Gary Chapman International School on Digital Transformation
  • Curso médio
    Online Journalism Workshop
  • Pós-Graduação
    Advanced studies in Children and youth law
  • Outros
    Justiça e Media: Desafios da Visibilidade na Era Mediática
  • Outros
    Educação, Multiculturalismo e Justiça Social / Education, Multiculturalism and Social Justice
  • Outros
    Movimentos Sociais, Protesto Público e Cidadania / Social Movements, Public Protest and Citizenship
  • Curso médio
    Curso de iniciação à fotografia
  • Curso médio
    Seminário de Jornalismo Judiciário
  • Pós-Graduação
    Advanced Studies Diploma - Journalism and media studies
  • Curso médio
    Herramientas Digitales para el Periodismo de Datos
  • Curso médio
    Mobile Journalism Course
  • Pós-doutoramento
    Communication sciences
  • Outros
    Pedagogical Skills Certificate. Certificado n.º F642879/2016
  • Outros
    Training certification: A09 - Communication Sciences, A60; Journalism e D102; Citizenship education (Media education). RFO: 36637/16.
  • Outros
    Formação Inicial de Formadores
  • Outros
    Diálogo Intercultural/Intercultural Dialogue
  • Outros
    Formación de Tutores de Nivelación Especializados en Modalidad en Línea
  • Outros
    Ferramentas de apoio ao ensino à distância
  • Outros
    Competências para a Interculturalidade / Skills for Interculturality
  • Outros
  • Outros
  • Outros
    Curso de Metodologias de Ensino Inovadoras
  • Outros
    Comunidades Ciganas: Abordagens à Intervenção


Magazine article

  • 2012-06-01, JORGE PEDRO SOUSA: “O jornalismo deve ser configurado como um campo específico”, Jornalismo & Jornalistas
  • 2012-03-01, VII SOPCOM - MEIOS DIGITAIS E INDÚSTRIAS CRIATIVAS: Portugal deve apostar em sinergias com espaço lusófono e ibero-americano, Jornalismo & Jornalistas

Journal issue

  • Media Literacy and Civic Cultures, 16
  • Incivility and public participation, 3
  • Generations, Digital Uses and Competences: Trends and Gaps in the Research, 10
  • Educação para os media na era digital / Media education in the digital age, 25
  • Educación mediática y generación APP, nuevos retos, nuevas propuestas / Media education and PPP generation, new challenges, new proposals, 47
  • Digital literacy, fake news and education / Alfabetización digital, fake news y educación, 31
  • Cultura visual, digital e mediática: Imagens entre gerações / Visual, digital and media culture: Images between generations, 4

Journal article

  • 2024-02-13, How is Portugal addressing disinformation? Results of a mapping of initiatives (2010-2023), Observatorio (OBS*)
  • 2023-11-21, Digital rights in digital exclusion settings: the experiences of institutionalised youth in Portuguese detention centres, Journal of Children and Media
  • 2023-08-31, Resistência aos media e desconexão digital na literatura ocidental / Media resistance and digital disconnection in Western literature, MATRIZes
  • 2022-12-28, Intergenerational Perspectives on Media and Fake News During Covid-19: Results From Online Intergenerational Focus Groups, Media and Communication
  • 2022-11-15, Digital Rights, Institutionalised Youths, and Contexts of Inequalities, Media and Communication
  • 2022-05-13, Emotions in the mediated civic context of the family: Understanding children's and parents' mutually constitutive mediation environment, Children & Society
  • 2022-05, Connecting the individual and the other in disconnection studies, Media, Culture & Society
  • 2022, Cidadania Digital e ¿Educação para o Direito¿ / Digital Citizenship and "Education for the Law", Revista Sombras E Luzes
  • 2020-07-01, Journalism and digital resources for transforming schools, Revista ICONO14 Revista científica de Comunicación y Tecnologías emergentes
  • 2020-06-09, RadioActive101-Learning through radio, learning for life: an international approach to the inclusion and non-formal learning of socially excluded young people, International Journal of Inclusive Education
  • 2020, Comunicação e intervenção, através do jornalismo / Communication and intervention through journalism, Aprender
  • 2019-04-03, Digital literacy, fake news and education / Alfabetización digital, fake news y educación, Cultura y Educación
  • 2018-12-18, News definitions and motivations: young people and adults in Portugal and in Estonia, Estudos em Comunicação
  • 2018-01-31, Journalism pondered as a learning facilitator tool in the context of lifelong learning, Journal of Media Literacy
  • 2018, Reasons and circumstances that lead to the non-use of media by young people and their families, Comunicação e Sociedade
  • 2018, A era das "fake news": o digital storytelling como promotor do pensamento crítico / The age of fake news: digital storytelling as a promoter of critical thinking, Journal of Digital Media & Interaction
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  • 2021, Discurso de ódio, jornalismo e participação das audiências / Hate Speech, Journalism, and Audience Participation, Maria Torres da Silva; João Fernando Ferreira Gonçalves; Pedro Coelho; Brites, Maria José, Almedina
  • 2015, Jovens e culturas cívicas: Por entre formas de consumo noticioso e de participação / Youth and civic cultures: Across forms of news consumption and participation, 1, Brites, Maria José, Livros LabCom

Book chapter

  • 2024, The love-hate relationship between audiences and journalism, Open Environments: Key Challenges and Opportunities for Journalism, McGraw-Hill
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Edited book

  • 2021, Edições Universitárias Lusófonas
  • 2020, Edições Universitárias Lusófonas
  • 2019, CECS
  • 2018, 1, Edições Universitárias Lusófonas
  • 2015, 1, Livros LabCom
  • 2015, 1, Centro de Estudos de Comunicação e Sociedade

Newspaper article

  • 2016-01-20, Projeto RadioActive Aprender a fazer rádio , Jornalismo & Jornalistas
  • 2011-12-12, Intervir através do jornalismo escolar, Palavras Vivas


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  • 2014, A Facilitator’s Guide to RadioActive 101

Conference paper

  • Vigilância, hostilidade e desinformação: as críticas de jovens brasileiros aos meios digitais e as contribuições das literacias críticas / Vigilance, hostility and disinformation: Brazilian young people's criticism of digital media and the contributions of critical literacies, Literacia, Media e Cidadania
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  • Teachers and media literacy improvements, the relevance of specific training, INTED2019
  • Reflections on the Acceptance and Success of RadioActive101: Motivation through Problematisation, Improved Well-being, Emancipation and Extreme Learning, Motivational and Affective Aspects in Technology Enhanced Learning (MATEL). Workshop-Proceedings of MATEL Workshop
  • RadioActive Europe: jovens, o digital e as suas comunidades / RadioActive Europe: young people, digital and their communities, 2.º Congresso Literacia, Media e Cidadania
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  • O Vilhenas
  • Jornais escolares e a promoção da literacia cívica e mediática / School newspapers and the promotion of civic and media literacy, Congresso Nacional "Literacia, Media e Cidadania"
  • Investigación activa: Aprender haciendo / Active research: Learning by doing, Congresso Alfamed
  • Discursos e receios de professores sobre os usos do digital na escola: investigação sobre educação para os media e para as notícias / Teachers' discourses and fears about the uses of digital in school: research on media and news education, Literacia, Media e Cidadania
  • Delinquências Juvenis em Notícia / Juvenile Delinquency in the News, IV Jornadas Internacionais de Jornalismo
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Conference poster

  • 2015, Concursos de Literacia Mediática: Uma estratégia de educação informal para os media?, 3.º Congresso Literacia, Media e Cidadania

Preface / Postscript

  • 2022
  • 2022
  • 2020, Special Issue presentation
  • 2019, vista
  • 2019, Literacias cívicas e críticas
  • 2018, Intergeracionalidade e o mundo digital: Propostas de atividades/Intergenerationality in a digital world: Proposals of activities (bilingual edition)
  • 2018, Aula Abierta
  • 2015, Special Issue Media & Jornalismo

Other output

  • 2019, Off-media options: families resisting digital technology, Blogue Parenting for a Digital Future/London Scool of Economics/Sonia Livingstone
  • 2015, Jovens, jornalismo e participação: Estudo de caso em Portugal
  • 2014, RadioActive101: Using internet radio to break-down the boundaries for inclusion into smart cities
  • 2011, Young people’s visions on media and politics in the midst of elections: “We still can’t vote, but”
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  • 2011, Family mediation of youth news diet and media production
  • 2011, A Portuguese political female blog: Is there a space for rationality?
  • 2010, Making senses of old and new media as news providers: young people (15- 30 years old) perspectives and family contexts
  • 2008, A representação da delinquência juvenil nos media noticiosos: estudo de caso do Público e do Correio da Manhã (1993-2003): Juvenile delinquency representations in news media: Case study of two daily national newspapers—Público and Correio da Manhã (1993- 2003)
  • 2008, "Juvenile Delinquency in Newspapers"


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