Tobias Frühmorgen

Tobias Frühmorgen


Tobias Frühmorgen is a film lecturer, filmmaker and researcher. As a film lecturer, he teaches in Creative Production, project tutoring and thesis supervision at Lusófona University Lisbon (PT) for the European Master Program KinoEyes (PT_UK_EE_IRL) as well as the Master Film Studies and Cinema Bachelors and Green Production / Green Consultant. He also works in exchange programs like Looking China (PT_CN_KOR_RU_HU_BRA) and research programs like Crescine (PT_LIT_BEL_CRO_IRL), Filmterm (EE_FI_DE_PT), (DE_HU_PT), C- Accelerate (FI_PT_BEL_EE), Cyanotypes (DK_PT_IRL_AUT_NL_CZ_DE), and FilmEU Research-Innovation-Transfer (EU). Since 2020 he is also part of the curriculum, pedagogy and artistic research development of the European Universities for Film and Media Arts – FilmEU and FilmEU+ as well as project supervisor for a yearly pilot and coordinator for the joint research project (PT_BE_EE) on screenwriting and GTP-4. Since 2021 he has been researching on his artistic based PhD at the Filmuniversity Babelsberg (DE) on “Artistic Artificial Intelligence – Writing a screenplay with AI“. His artistic works as a director and/or editor include a variety of feature films, short films, television, art and music videos. His film Menschenkörper (2004) was screened at more than 25 festivals worldwide. Among his editing works is the restoration and re- editing for Yilmaz Güney‘s YOL – The Full Version (2017) which premiered at Cannes Film Festival 2017. Tobias also works a story analyst for international feature screenplays and is a certified Green Consultant for film productions.


  • Doktor (PhD)
    Scientific/Artistic PhD
  • Postgraduate Certificate
    Green Consultant


Journal article

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