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Demystifying Organic Chemistry c/ Nuno Maulide

Conversations About...


A professor at the University of Vienna, tells about an exciting journey between music and science.

27.09.23 - 09h47

Life surprises us with the most varied directions. From an early age, Nuno Maulide showed an interest in music, but soon realized that after all, organic chemistry was the perfect combination of the functionality needed in our daily lives and musical harmony , opening doors to a new and exciting journey.

He achieved success outside of his home, becoming a teacher and researcher at the University of Vienna, which implied a need to adapt to his lifestyle. However, he states that change and leaving the comfort zone may not be something negative and demotivating, simply because it is driven by passion.

So much so that, in the new environment that surrounds him, he discovered the beauty of mutual help and diversity among colleagues, as well as a glimpse of the purpose that the remaining aspects of his area can take.

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