6ª Conferência Sobre Cloud e Internet of Things

Exchange ideas, share knowledge and experiences, and explore the latest trends and advances.

This conference is an excellent platform to exchange ideas, share knowledge and experiences, and explore the latest trends and advancements in IoT and cloud computing. With the increasing interconnectivity of devices, the rise of cloud computing, and the proliferation of data, the IoT and cloud computing industries have increased and continue to evolve at an astonishing pace. This conference will provide a unique opportunity for researchers, practitioners, and industry leaders to come together and discuss the latest developments, share insights, and collaborate to shape the future of these exciting fields.

We have an impressive lineup of keynote speakers, invited speakers, and expert panelists who will offer their expertise and various interactive sessions that will provide a forum for discussions and networking. Divided into eight thematic sessions over three days, we will listen to and debate themes such as “Smart Cities, Traffic and Vehicles”, “IoT Middleware and Services”, “IoT Based Unmanned Aerial Vehicles”, “IoT for Health Sector”, “IoT Application Scenarios”, “Communications for the IoT Era”, “Communication Networks and IoT”, and “IoT Cloud Computing”. I encourage you to take full advantage of this opportunity to learn, share, and connect.

We look forward to a productive and enlightening conference.


Date and Hour

Monday, March 20, 2023 08:30
Wednesday, March 22, 2023 19:00


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