Class Cinematography Workshop

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    Deepening knowledge in handling digital cameras at a higher level than in the previous semester. Improvement of image capture techniques combined with lighting and camera movement components. The application of the light design technique to create cinematographic images for fictional content. The application of audiovisual language in the field of image composition, aesthetics, camera movements will be dissected in practice. Organization and management of camera, lighting and grip equipment. Organization of a production team with all sectors coordinated for filming indoor and outdoor scene.
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  • Syllabus


    Camera - Handling and operation of all camera functions
    Lighting. The 3 points of light. Basic lighting scheme. Light and equipment characteristics.
    Filming of an Interior and Exterior scene.
    Filming of the pilot for the TV series
    Machinery- Manipulation of machinery equipment.
    Film viewing
    Analytical texts on cinematography
  • Objectives


    Develop creative capacity in the creation of a fictional piece with the image (photography direction) as the main component. Develop aesthetic culture in the field of composition, lighting and scenery. Have the ability to integrate into a filming team knowing their specific functions as well as those of the other team members and the various departments. Understand lighting techniques, the production needs to execute them and the rigor in performing the functions of each sector.
  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    The process is based on the student's autonomy and freedom to apply the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired throughout the class sessions. The ability to innovate and apply new artistic and aesthetic methods are encouraged.
  • References


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