Class Narrativas Tridimensionais

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    The Curricular Unit “Three-Dimensional Narratives” is developed in the context of the discovery and exploration of groups of two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects, which are related in combinatorial dynamics, through the number of possible ways in which they can be arranged or combined, through the multiple possible configurations, sometimes even random. Objects that relate to each other from a synchronic perspective, when they are synchronized at the moment, or in diachrony, being synchronized from a chronological perspective. We understand them in relation to their being in relation to other objects. A world of objects that is not divided into isolated entities, which is defined by relationships. Objects that do not have an autonomous reality, exist in function of, in relation to, and from the perspective of something. A world of two- and three-dimensional objects filled with meaningful and meaningless correlations.

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  • Syllabus


    - Concepts of Two-dimensionality and Three-dimensionality.

    - Similarity and Proximity. Action and Inaction.

    - Polarity, Valence and Voltage. Counterexamples.

    - Emergent Properties, Interaction and Junction. Memes.

    - Socially constructed characteristics. Associated norms, behaviors and roles.

    - Plausible Content and Principle of Causality. Anticipatory Patterns.

  • Objectives


    The Curricular Unit “Three-Dimensional Narratives” aims to reflect on two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects of everyday life, aiming to understand the signs and objects that characterize our society, and the way in which it is expressed and translated through these objects from the point of departure. view of your "design". It presents a methodology that develops over 5 phases, which aims for students to reach a progressive understanding of the "object" phenomenon, which questions different areas of relationship and interaction between two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects, from the perspective of the object that communicates, and communicates, in a progressive increase in "additional complexity".

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    In the context of innovative methodologies, this curricular unit aims to recover the gesture and action in the classroom, in a practical dimension that recovers the physical dimension of the output of the exercises and themes.

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