Class Linguagem do Design

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    The Curricular Unit “Designatographic Language” is developed in the context of the image and images, understood as “Scenes” and “Sequences”, in logical associations between shots in the context of dramatic continuity. Images and sequences that group facts, gestures, and events, across places and times, in dynamic frames. Frames that delimit and determine the balance and plastic organization of the images. Framing from a perspective of inclusion of everything present in an image, or in a set of images: settings, characters, props, and actions. Image and sequences of images, understood in the context of a “performance”, which refer to the narrator's point of view, through a particular montage, and to the observer's point of view, through their experience. Finally, image and images, understood in the context of a design language.

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  • Syllabus


    - The parts of a group of images: Scene and Sequence.

    - Plan and Scale of Plans.

    - The Image: Axis and Framing.

    - Continuity: Field, Out of Field, and Reverse Field.

    - Raccord: Stabilization, Continuity, and Connection.

    - Depth of Field: Geometry, and Perception.

  • Objectives


    The Curricular Unit “Designatographic Language” aims at practices of understanding, constructing and developing narratives in the context of the image and images as a “filmic” sequence, supported by a set of technical organizational elements, which stabilize, give continuity, and link the narratives. Practices for developing “photographic planning” processes, framed in communication projects for companies and organizations. Next, practices that privilege the notion and advantages of “process” and planning. Finally, the objective is to develop practices for a designatographic language, supported by a theoretical and practical relationship in the context of the universe of companies and organizations that operate within the scope of design actions on reality.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    In the context of innovative methodologies, this curricular unit aims to recover the gesture and action in the classroom, in a practical dimension that recovers the physical dimension of the output of the exercises and themes.

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