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    The Curricular Unit “Trends” is developed in the context of causes and effects within the perception of trends, understood as a phenomenon intrinsic to their creation and perception. Causes and effects that move from an internal (endogenous) or external (exogenous) perspective to organizations, products, communication,…among others. Unpredictable or predictable effects from a macro or micro trend perspective, which condition behavior and define consumer profiles. Increasingly flexible and unpredictable lifestyles that are reflected in the “space” that must adapt or change accordingly. A permanent trail of digital data “in a way” allows a detailed image of people in a retrospective and prospective perspective, which must be considered in the creative design processes.

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  • Syllabus


    - Macro and Micro Trends. Algorithms.
    - Behavior Profiles and Consumption Profiles.
    - Visible Horizons and Invisible Horizons.
    - Positive Correlations and Negative Correlations.
    - Shapes, Colors, Textures and Materials in the context of trends.
    - Intrinsic Trends, (Visible), and Extrinsic Trends, (Invisible).

  • Objectives


    The Curricular Unit “Trends” aims to understand practices, identify and characterize trends and the generating elements that generate and precede results. Considering design project actions framed in “Transformation” perspectives, when a trend represents a change or modification that gives rise to new “forms”, a Metamorphosis. Or “Transition” perspectives, when a trend represents only an intermediate state, a change from one condition to another, a path. Development of TrendBooks characterized by elements in a relationship of synchrony and diachrony, such as shapes, colors, textures, materials, and proportions, for different universes of design intervention.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    In the context of innovative methodologies, this curricular unit aims to recover the gesture and action in the classroom, in a practical dimension that recovers the physical dimension of the output of the exercises and themes.

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