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    The Curricular Unit “Creative Processes” is developed in the context of psychological, social and economic phenomena, and within the scope of innovation and creativity processes, using texts from areas of knowledge outside the universe of design. Texts that introduce different perspectives, through some simple rules of interaction between texts, between texts and images, and between texts and products. It aims to introduce new content, new perspectives, in processes of innovation and creativity, thus adding other elements, generating articulated and variable movements, which are always renewed in different and unexpected configurations, depending on the perspectives introduced. It mainly uses analogies between knowledge that originates in biology and its extrapolation to realities in the context of organizations, companies, processes, products, territories, among others.

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  • Syllabus


    - Text, Abstraction, Reality, and Creativity.
    - Information, Objectives, and Actions.
    - Reference Framework. Context and Design Elements.
    - Combinatorial probabilities and possibilities between Project Elements.
    - Emerging Properties. Relevant Combinations for the Project.
    - Text and Object Relationship. Imagination Index.

  • Objectives


    The Curricular Unit “Creative Processes” aims at innovation and creativity practices that essentially use biology texts, in analogical thinking exercises. Its purpose is to establish a relationship between different areas of knowledge, biology and design, through common abstractions, which fertilize each other, generating innovation and creativity in multiple contexts and areas of design intervention. Its main purpose is to provide students with the ability to observe realities within the scope of design, through new content, “texts”, generating curiosity, capacity for reflection, and new skills in the context of innovation and creativity processes.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    In the context of innovative methodologies, this curricular unit aims to recover the gesture and action in the classroom, in a practical dimension that recovers the physical dimension of the output of the exercises and themes.

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