Class Introduction to Photography

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    The student is able to:
    - In depth knowledge of printing photographic photochemical processes.
    - Expertise in lighting techniques for black and white.
    - Use analog photographic techniques for the design of the project.
    - Develop own and subsequent readings in the field of photography and its use in design.
    - Apply knowledge to capture the unique moment, using various techniques

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  • Syllabus


    1st Image Formation in photochemical environment
    1.b The Times Exhibition. The frame. (*) Amounts of light and photosensitivity.
    1.c Records with estenopo. (Pin-hole) (*) Calculation of the diaphragm and exposure time
    2nd Cameras. Formats.
    2.b Distances focal features.
    The diaphragm 2c. Handling and intentionality in depth of field.
    3.a film. Types of developers.
    3.b Revelation of photosensitive materials in black and white. 

  • Objectives


    This course should be understood as a dynamic route apprehension of a matter to dominate through knowledge, with theaid specific equipment. Deepen observation supported. Explore processes and tools creatively. Develop individualizedforms of visual communication supported the photographic medium. Further develop the use of the photographic mediumin order to give direction in the "construction" image

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Throughout the course, students will encounter various challenges and have the opportunity to analyze case studies that will enable them to learn through research and experimentation. The syllabus encourages a way of thinking based on questioning and reflection. Students will be encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas with their classmates and, whenever possible, with the academic community through project exhibitions and other means of dissemination.

  • References


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