Class Motion Graphic Design

  • Presentation


    Not far from the traditional concerns of cinema and in an admittedly kinetic way, the experiences of this discipline intend to transform the ancestral ¿quiet¿ inherent in graphic structures (graphic design) by adding time, movement and sound.
    This is an area where the knowledge and principles related to graphic design in the cinematic context are combined: films, videos, sound or any other medium that relates time and visual information, through the use of various animation techniques (analog or digital).
    The most recurrent examples of practical applicability of this discipline - which mostly includes the use of typography (fonts), vector graphics and images - are, for example, generics for cinematographic films, or the opening sequences of television series, web animations, animations 3D logo information for a TV channel or any other brand of product.
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  • Syllabus


    1. Provide students with:
    - Technical, aesthetic and conceptual knowledge and strategies that make them capable of creating innovative animation and graphic composition projects.
    - Insight, technical dexterity and creativity, in the idealization and creation of the different projects to be developed combining the different elements of the composition in a balanced way, with rhythm, through a logical sequence of animation.

    2. Execution of 4 projects to be developed individually and in groups:
    - Showreel: Construction of a short video that presents the best moments of the authors' personal works.
    - Portfolio: individual and online (a generic and / or other specialty)
    - Animation of the title: Realization of the generic and final credits of the small documentary project.
    - Poster: Creation of the promotional poster for the same project.

  • Objectives


    1. Brief historical analysis and context of generics in the cinema and audiovisual tradition.
    Analysis of projects / reference works by several design, motion and animation authors.
    2. Notions of graphic design applied to motion design:
    - Typography vs Lettering; Typographic Family, Types
    Visual composition using typography and color:
    - Color cycle and color triangle; Complementary colors; Perception and color
    Color and Composition Exercises:
    - Manipulation of shapes and spaces through color (temperature, ambience, spatial perception, optical effects)
    3. Practical component in Adobe After Effects applied to animation and motion graphics.
    Animation in 2D planes and 3D space, using tracking processes.
    4. Animation: Application of 6 of the 12 animation principles applied to motiongraphics (Squash and Stretch, Slow in Slow out, Arcs, Exageration, and Pose to Pose).
    5. Analysis of the portfolio material for the construction of the showreel.
  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Learner-centred Problem-Based Learning (PBL) is proposed which involves groups of learners working together to solve a real-world problem. Students are encouraged to understand concepts through problem-solving skills. Students will have the opportunity to develop skills related to teamwork, project management, oral and written communication, self-awareness and evaluation of group processes, critical thinking and analysis, explanation of concepts, self-directed learning, application of course content to real-world examples, research and information literacy, and problem solving across disciplines.

  • References


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