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    The materialization of products/designs in fashion represents an important technical and technological stage in the training of the fashion designer for the future. This professional is required to assume the selection of propper tools to think and execute the design drawn from his imagination.

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  • Syllabus


    1. Introduction to manufacturing;

    General principles, characteristics and cautions.

    2. Introduction to clothing equipment and technologies;

    Theoretical and practical introduction to equipment and technologies inherent to the manufacture field: characteristics, functions, usage and maintenance.

    3. Techniques of sewing, stitches and its characterization;

    Creation of the stitches file. Practical exercises.

    4. Introduction to clothing construction;

    Practical exercises.

    5. The construction of skirts:

    Practical exercise.


  • Objectives


    1. Undesrstand and identify the equipment and technologies for manufacturing garments;

    2. Students must get accuanted with the main techniques for finishing seems;

    3. Introduce the student to the basic construction of garments;

    4. Construction of skirts.


  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    The curricular unit will be developed through theoretical-practical, expository and demonstrative sessions, and practical works of an experimental nature developed during the class sessions. The participative character will be encouraged, which facilitates the assimilation of contents and encourages teacher/student interaction. Tutorial teaching, as an active method, will be fundamentally used in project monitoring, carried out throughout the curricular unit.

  • References


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