Class Drawing II

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    Desenho II UC continues Desenho I UC, accentuating the observation of the human body through expressive and synthesized design, aiming at its usefulness in the field of Fashion Design.

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  • Syllabus


    Exercises of observation drawings of the human figure, wood dummy, static and in motion, considering the classic proportion. Contour drawing application; volume; with anatomical detail, full body using dry and wet graphic media.

    Exercises of observation drawings of the human figure, static and in motion, considering their proportions in the context of fashion design applying the contour drawing; volume; with anatomical detail, full body using dry and wet graphic media.

    Exercises of observation drawings of the human, female and male figure, static and in motion, with the aim of producing illustrations that consider the students' imaginary and the different contexts for publication, using the most appropriate graphic means to better expressiveness and communication of the drawing.

  • Objectives


    1. Master the artistic design of the human female and male body (distinguishing the classic canon from the fashion canon); 

    2. Mastery of the schematic drawing of the human figure for fashion as well as its application in illustrative practices;

    3. At the end of this UC, students must master the graphic means they learn in Drawing I and train in this UC through the graphic challenges of representing the body, taking into account scale, proportion, volume (own and projected shadows), anatomical rigor;

    4. Te students learn to use the artistic observation observation drawing, the schematic drawing applied to fashion and the drawing of illustration of ideas for their creations in the scope of fashion design.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Presentation of exercises with demonstration of examples and methodologies;

    collective critical discussion at the end of the class about all the work done.

    The tutorial relationship is privileged.


  • References


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