Class Political Science and Constitutional Law I

  • Presentation


    The Curricular Unit of Political Science and Constitutional Law is a discipline of general formation of the law course that is divided into two parts: one, of Political Science, where, through the study of the history of political ideas, we will try to identify the origin of political power, the State and its subordination to law, analysing the historical types of State, the forms of government and the fundamental principles of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic and, in particular, that of the separation and interdependence of powers, introducing basic understandings of the fundamental rights regime. In a second part, that of Constitutional Law, we will carry out the individualized study of the organs of the State and of the organ of sovereignty President of the Republic.

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  • Syllabus


    1. History of Political Ideas.

    2. The political phenomenon and the State;

    3. The political phenomenon and the law;

    4. The subordination of the State to law;

    5. The elements of the State;

    6. The historical types of States;

    7. Characterization of Constitutionalism Portuguese;

    8. The Economic and Financial Constitution;

    9. The organs of the State;

    10. The organs of sovereignty;

    11. The President of the Republic;


  • Objectives


    Provide students with the means of understanding the fundamental order of the Portuguese Republic, namely fundamental rights, the economic and constitutional model, the constitutional legal regime of state and sovereignty institutions, underlining the functions of the Constitutional Court as a matrix of a Democratic State, ruled by the law.

  • References


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