Class Nutrition and Sport

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    • The student must acquire proper skills to identify and characterize the different nutritional approaches and patterns related with sports and physical activity, as well as their particularities. The student should be able to recommend the most suitable nutritional approach, considering the latest scientific body of evidence.

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  • Syllabus


    • Energy substrates for physical exercise
    • Expenditure and energy intake
    • Carbohydrates and fat as an energy substrate in exercise
    • Protein and exercise
    • Energy balance and macronutrient balance
    • Body composition
    • Making Weight
    • Hydration/Antioxidants
    • Vitamins and minerals
    • Food suplements
    • Developing nutritional plans for athletes:
    • Aesthetics - hypertrophy, reduced fat mass (weight training, bodybuilding)
  • Objectives


    • Describe human energy sources for exercise and how to enhance them.
    • Explain and describe the use of energy substrates during exercise.
    • Describe the basic principles and recommendations of sports nutrition partaining energy, fluid and nutrient requirements.
    • Understand the strategies to manage weight in athletes.
    • Understand the importance of vitamins, minerals and trace elements in the athlete.
    • Ergogenic aids relevant to the athlete.
    • The impact of nutrition on sports performance.


  • References


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