Class Assessment Methodologies of Nutritional Status

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    To perceive the advantages and limitations of the different methods of nutritional status assessment;
    To perceive the advantages and limitations of the different parameters used to assess the nutritional status;
    Understand what changes the body composition and what components are essential to health.

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    Methods and techniques of nutritional risk screening in the hospital and in the community for different groups

    Description, benefits, limitations and related studies

    -MUST - Malnutrition Screening Tool

    -NRS2002 - Nutritional Risk Screening

    SGA - Subjective Global Assessment

    PG - SGA - Patient Generated Subjective Global Assessment

    -MNA - Mini Nutritional Assessment

    - Strong Kids


    Body composition

    History and dietary intake

    Laboratory parameters

    Functional parameters

    Nutritional risk and nutritional prognosis indices

    Monitoring the nutritional status

  • Objectives


    Based on the obtained knowledge, students will be able:

    To understand the difference of nutritional screening and assessment;

    To screen and assess a patient (adult or pediatric) for general nutritional status;

    To realize the signs and the symptoms of nutritional problems;

    To be familiar with recommended methods and techniques nutritional screening;

    To understand different methods used for the nutritional assessment;

    To know limitations of different methods for nutritional assessment;

    To know the benefits and limits of different parameters for nutritional assessments

    To learn what influences body composition and which components are essential for health

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