Class Nutritional Epidemiology and Public Health

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    Nutritional Epidemiology provides evidence on the relationship between diet and health and plays an important role of translating knowledge into the policies applied to nutrition. Public Health promotes the maintenance of the health and nutritional well-being of the population through organized efforts and informed choices of society.

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    Nutritional Epidemiology. Monitoring of food and nutritional consumption. Strength of diet/disease association. Prevention. Studies in Nutritional Epidemiology. Descriptive, ecological and analytical epidemiology. Meta-analyzes and pooling studies. Public Health in Nutrition. Recognition as an area of nutritional intervention in response to social, economic and health determinants.Nutritional assessment of populations. Capacity building as a strategy in Public Health practice for the management of interventions. Importance of international organizations in identifying gaps in the design and content of some nutrition related policies and programs.

  • Objectives


    The main objective is to enable the students that the knowledge acquired about Nutrition Epidemiology and Public Health contribute to improving the diet, health and well-being of the population.

  • References


    WILLET W. Nutritional Epidemiology. ISBN 0-19-512297-6

    GIBNEY M. Public Health Nutrition. ISBN 0-632-05627-4

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