Class Psychology

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    The curricular unit aims to provide students with competences in the approach to eating behavior change, as well as to develop interpersonal skills fundamental to the clinical approach in the area of Nutritional Sciences.

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  • Syllabus


    • Presentation of the curricular unit program. Criteria for evaluation.
    • Food Behavior: Satiation and satiety. Psychobiological system.
    • Determinants on the control of food intake.
    • Emotional hunger. Hunger scale. Emotional hunger evaluation questionnaires.
    • Body image: Body perception. Self-esteem.
    • Eating disorders and obesity
    • Motivational interview. Stages of change model.
    • Coaching applied to Nutrition Sciences.


  • Objectives


    The Psychology curricular unit aims to address the eating behavior as well as its disorders and develop the training of interpersonal skills which are fundamental to the clinical approach in the field of Nutritional Sciences.

  • References


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