Class Food Technology

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    The CU Food Technology aims to provide students with knowledge in the scope of the main processes and equipment used in the food industry.

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  • Syllabus


    1 - Introduction to Food Preservation and Food Technology.

    2 - Raw Materials

    3 - Mechanisms of contamination and alteration of foods.

    4 - Food preservation methods:

    Conservation by use of Heat; cold

    Conservation by Fermentation

    Preservation: by adding solutes

    Preservation by adding food additives;

    5 - Food processing technologies

    Food technology of fruit/vegetable

    Food Technology of meat and fish products

    Food Technology of Cereal

    Food technology of dairy products and derivatives

    Food technology of oils and fats

    6 - Emerging technology for food preservation

    7 – Types of Packaging used in the food industry.

    8 - Sustainable food: what challenges.

  • Objectives


    Acquisition of knowledge about conservation and food processing technologies, including emerging technologies, and their effect on the chemical composition, structure, nutritional and sensory value of food; specifications for the storage of different foodstuffs; and the types and importance of packaging in food preservation. It is also intended to address the issue of food and health through the presentation of case studies about the incorporation of bioactive compounds in food.

  • References


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