Class Genetics

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    The Genetics UC integrates the basic content to qualification of the future health professional, through the knowledge of human genetics and the normal and pathological characters related to inheriting mechanisms. The acquired knowledge will provide support for the student to recognize and apply some concepts of human genetics in the analysis, disgnosis and clinical practice.

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  • Syllabus


    1. Introduction to genetics
    2. DNA structure and replication
    3. DNA mutation, repair and recombination
    4. Chromosomes and chromosonal changes (Cytogenetics)
    5. Inheritance patterns
    6. Monogenic inheritance
    7. Inborn errors of metabolism
    8. Multifactorial genetic inheritance
    9. Nutrition and Gene interaction
    10. Screening and genetic testing
    11. Cancer genetics
    12. Genetics and Epigenetics
    13. Diagnosis, prevention and treatment of genetic diseases

  • Objectives


    This curricular unit will address the basic concepts of human genetics and the role of genetics in the development of different pathologies. Students will acquire knowledge and skills about the key elements of human genetics, the basic laws, the genetic variability of populations and how the genes are transmitted. The importance of genetics in diagnosis and clinical treatment will also be addressed.

    Through the laboratory classes, students will have the opportunity to acquire knowledge about the main techniques of cytogenetics, DNA amplification and study the genetic variability of populations. In addition, students should be able to analyze and interpret different practical scenarios.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Active learning methodologies based on the resolution of practical problems, on the exposition by the students of some concepts addressed in laboratory classes and the use of observations/results obtained in the laboratory as a starting point for the discussion of more complex concepts/topics.

  • References



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