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    The unit Project is part of the 1st cycle in Physical Education and Sports, scientific area Physical Education and Sports.

    In this curricular unit, students are expected to acquire knowledge, complemented by the practical application of planning procedures and techniques in community intervention, communication and research, with scientific rigor and intellectual seriousness.
    Taking into account the intervention areas of physical education and sport, the aim is for students to develop a community intervention project, a science communication work for the community and carry out scientific research work.
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  • Syllabus



    Communication skills

    Writing: communicating scientific information

    Speaking: Effective public presentations

    Communication Planning

    Audiences and objectives

    Role and potential of channels

    New Technologies and Social Networks

    Communication assessment


    Community intervention:

    Concepts, components and functions

    Levels of prevention and intervention approaches

    Community Intervention Programs

    Objectives, strategies and team

    Planning and management of community intervention programs


    Identification of problems and needs

    Promotion of physical activity and sport

    Components of an action plan

    Learning models and behavior theories

    Evaluation of community intervention programs

    Dimensions and techniques

    Efficacy, effectiveness and efficiency


    Research project: definition and stages

    Theoretical foundation: definition, objectives, stages and sources of information

    Population and sampling

    Data collection techniques

    Data analysis and interpretation

    Types of studies


  • Objectives


    The learning objectives (LO) defined for this UC are:

    OA1. Develop research, systematic analysis and critical reflection skills;

    OA2. Develop scientifically based work within the scope of science communication;

    OA3. Develop skills in the design, implementation and evaluation of community intervention programs applied to Physical Education and Sports.

    OA4. Write a research paper on a topic in the area of physical education and sport.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Different teaching methodologies (ME) will be used: Expository classes (ME1): Resolution of practical cases (ME2), Viewing and discussion of documentaries/videos (ME3), Bibliographic research (ME4), Analysis of scientific articles (ME5) , Small group activities (ME6), Feedback information provided by the teacher about the work carried out (ME7).

  • References


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